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Saije is an award-winning, contemporary folk duo whose soulful harmonies, dynamic guitar-lines and percussive breakdowns breathe life into heartfelt stories. Their songwriting is crafted from the depths; stirring melodies bound together with graceful lyricism. Through multitasking techniques, the pair create a full-bodied sound enriched by flavours from their travels around the globe.

Growing up among the rivers and valleys of a small creative town on the East Coast of Australia, Saije, Shanteya and Jo, developed a close affinity with the natural world. From these early inspirations and their many barefoot adventures, messages of conscious living and connection to self, the Earth and each other have become a common thread that is etched into their songwriting.

After being awarded Folk Alliance Australia’s ‘Young Artist of the Year 2019-2020’ at the National Folk Festival, armed with harmony, guitars and foot drums Saije toured their latest release Kindred (2019) throughout Australia and Canada in early-2020. They continue to uplift both national and international audiences through their unifying performances and a warmth that fills small halls and overflows from large festival stages. 

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