Cars and Castles

Thurs 21 April We both now know more about cars than ever, having just gone through the process over the past week of looking for one to buy. And we swear they’ve multiplied! We’re seeing the various models at every corner! And now, the news you've all been waiting for... we have bought a car (well, half a car)! On Thursday we put a deposit on a car with the immense help of Peter (and on Friday we officially became residents of Berlin in order to register it). The best part: it's a red Kangoo! We came all the way from Australia and still can't get away from them (although we hope this one doesn’t jump)! It is a Renault Kangoo Maxi Plus and is about 2.1 metres long in the back of the car (mad

History Lessons and Cycling Astray

Sun 17 April to Tues 19 April History, beauty, nature, culture… This is just a handful of what Berlin has offered to us over the past week. On Sunday morning we rode the red and yellow S-Bahn train with Nadia and Boelie to explore the city centre. After we had meandered through the bustling flea markets on Straße des 17 Juni, we dropped Boelie off at his work and then strolled on for our brief fill of history. Erected in the late 1700s by the then current Prussian King, our first port of call was Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). The tall stone columns and mighty statue atop symbolise victory and strength and were greatly juxtaposed against our next stop, the sombre Holocaust Memorial, w

Rainy Days in Berlin

Sat 16 April (Shanteya's Mum's Birthday!!!). The last few days have been fairly cruisy, consisting of van searching, website creating, cosy card games and relaxing indoors, as its been rainy weather and Shanteya has slowly been recovering from her sickness (although now she's loosing her voice, which is great for busking... Jo on the other hand has been practicing singing in his sleep, so he's ready to roll...). Yesterday we woke up early, as our body clocks are still finding their feet, and begun the day with a yoga class lead by Angelika (Nadia's mum). "Oh yes!", it was soo goood to move our bodies and stretch our muscles that had become extremely stiff and sore from the couple of days spe

The Crossing

Its eight in the morning in Berlin, Germany on Thursday 14 April. We touched down yesterday at 7am, after over 27 hours of flying and waiting in airports, to Shanteya's greatest relief as she became very sick on the second flight (21 hours to go, damn!) which was a downer on the beginning of the journey. To our surprise we saw a familiar face in the cue for our Abu Dhabi to Berlin flight. Will Henderson from Bellingen. We chatted with him about some busking and van buying tips for Berlin as we boarded our final plane. After we had disembarked the Air Berlin metal bird we stood there waiting at the baggage claim area for what seemed like (and was) a very long time to receive our bags. Finally

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