Cars and Castles

Thurs 21 April

We both now know more about cars than ever, having just gone through the process over the past week of looking for one to buy. And we swear they’ve multiplied! We’re seeing the various models at every corner! And now, the news you've all been waiting for... we have bought a car (well, half a car)! On Thursday we put a deposit on a car with the immense help of Peter (and on Friday we officially became residents of Berlin in order to register it). The best part: it's a red Kangoo! We came all the way from Australia and still can't get away from them (although we hope this one doesn’t jump)! It is a Renault Kangoo Maxi Plus and is about 2.1 metres long in the back of the car (made for people Jo's size). Peter was such an enormous help in the buying process as he helped us research on the Internet, took it for a test drive (as we were not 100% confident driving on the other side of the road and car in the middle of Berlin) and he even got a mechanic (who he tutors maths in exchange for car services) to look over it before we purchased it! We are very excited to pick it up and start turning it into our comfortable little home for the next eight months!

On Thursday afternoon, after we bought the car, Peter, Angelika and Nadia took us to Park Babelsberg, a park just over the Berlin-Potsdam border. We wandered around the beautiful park and marvelled at the lovely little castles (featured in photos below) which were scattered about the vegetation . A stones throw (rather a long throw at that) from the park we could see the well known 'Spy Bridge' (Glienicke Bridge) where in the days of the Cold War, the Russians and Americans would excha