6 May 2016

Sun 24 April


On Sunday, our German family took us for our second history lesson. We walked around areas in Berlin where the wall had once divided socialism from capitalism, East from West, Russia from the Western Allies. It is beyond the mind’s capability to imagine ho...

21 Apr 2016

Thurs 21 April


We both now know more about cars than ever, having just gone through the process over the past week of looking for one to buy. And we swear they’ve multiplied! We’re seeing the various models at every corner! And now, the news you've all been waiting for...

17 Apr 2016

 Sun 17 April to Tues 19 April


History, beauty, nature, culture… This is just a handful of what Berlin has offered to us over the past week. On Sunday morning we rode the red and yellow S-Bahn train with Nadia and Boelie to explore the city centre. After we had meander...

16 Apr 2016


Sat 16 April (Shanteya's Mum's Birthday!!!). The last few days have been fairly cruisy, consisting of van searching, website creating, cosy card games and relaxing indoors, as its been rainy weather and Shanteya has slowly been recovering from her sickness (although n...

14 Apr 2016

Its eight in the morning in Berlin, Germany on Thursday 14 April. We touched down yesterday at 7am, after over 27 hours of flying and waiting in airports, to Shanteya's greatest relief as she became very sick on the second flight (21 hours to go, damn!) which was a dow...

5 Nov 2015


Music is an ancient universal language.
One that opens us up and transcends barriers that often stand in the way of growth and connection.
It gathers people together and creates a way of connecting with people from all walks of life.
It inspires people to respond from...

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