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An Ancient Universal Language: Music

Music is an ancient universal language. One that opens us up and transcends barriers that often stand in the way of growth and connection. It gathers people together and creates a way of connecting with people from all walks of life. It inspires people to respond from a spirit level. It allows people to dig deeper and be moved emotionally, to release tension and tears, to smile, to feel like they’re not alone. For me listening to the right music has always been the most therapeutic thing for me to do when I am struggling with something. As creators of music JO and I feel so blessed to watch people be opened up through our music to watch them COME TOGETHER together sing together …when they would otherwise just walk past each other. A few weeks ago we were busking at the Rocks Market in Sydney and were once again filled with overwhelming joy and peace for the incredible human interactions that we experienced over the weekend, brought to us through the power of music. There was a moment where we were singing an upbeat song when an older man was walking past us and heard our music. He stopped. Dropped his bag. And grooved his way into the semicircle of people that had formed around us…he truly danced like no one was watching as his face and everyone’s faces around him were all lit up with beaming smiles. His energetic response made us groove with more energy, then another woman jumped out of the crowed and they began to dance together…without the slightest care that they had never met each other before! There was another moment when we were singing a more heartfelt song and two young men walked past us dressed in suits. There was a clear moment when the music grabbed them. Their faces lit up as they spun round and stood absolutely still as if soaking it up (it felt very beautiful and surreal to watch). They sat down and listened for a while….When we finished a song they both approached us with radiant faces and said our names as if they were old friends. They thanked us over and over again for the gift of our music and for doing something that we truly love as they could feel that happiness pass through to them through our music. These are just a few examples of some recent beautiful moments we experienced by connecting with people through our music. But we experience these kinds of interactions all the time.. As artists this boosts us so much and as humans it fills us up! We are incredibly grateful for the support and opportunities to share this with people. THANK YOU

Shanteya and Jo Europe Map

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